Workshop 14

Regional innovation scaling-up (joint session AAL/EIP on AHA)

Theme 2
Tuesday 24 September 16:00-17:30
Room: A1 + A2

– an evidence-based opportunity for regional innovation beyond 2020

The AAL Programme in collaboration with the European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing kindly invite you to our co-hosted events of the AAL Forum and the Conference of Partners.

The EIP on AHA is currently one of the largest initiatives supported by the EC stimulating the transformation of an ageing society into an opportunity for sustainable development.

Since 2013, 3 calls for Reference Sites and 3 calls for Commitments have been issued, bringing together a wide range of regions and thousands of stakeholders to join forces and exchange good practices to implement proactive approaches for active and healthy ageing that are innovation driven.

Among the major achievements is the paradigmatic shift considering public health as an investment rather than merely a cost. This has been paralleled by huge efforts in the implementation of a proactive approach to prevent disease and promote health, embedded into a general change in the culture of health.

A shared vision has been translated into actionable plans (Blueprint, I2M, AGs Aps), being implemented and monitored (MAFEIP) every day.

An empowered, mobile citizen is now at the centre of our services, which thanks to the availability of interoperable solutions and cross-border regulations are more and more effective and integrated.

However, many challenges still lie ahead, such as:

  • Education and training across knowledge and professional sectors;
  • Digital gaps in terms of literacy and availability of broad band;
  • Socio cultural barriers to large scale adoption;
  • New business models

The main objective of the workshop session is to share the results achieved so far by partners, at the local, regional, national and international levels that can be further scaled up and hence can inform and direct future investments by the identification of enablers/facilitators and bottlenecks/blockers.

Another important objective consists of engaging a broader community of possible stakeholders through the AAL to interchange ideas and work together in efficient and sustainable solutions for the future.

The RSCN: a success story (Maddalena Illario, Regione Campania)
PROMIS and health tourism: an opportunity for sustainable development (Lisa Leonardi, ProMIS)
The need of ICT accessibility when delivering digital services in the AHA domain (Susanna Laurin, Funka)
More speakers TBA