• AAL Forum 2016

  • 26-28 September 2016
  • St. Gallen, Switzerland

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Ageing well with technology – Innovations ready for breakthrough

This year’s Forum features five thematic tracks that run in parallel throughout the event. There are also several keynote plenary sessions with great speakers addressing the delegates about active ageing. The focus for all sessions will be on their interactivity, with active participation by all delegates encouraged. The Forum will also be the place to meet possible collaborators, with matchmaking sessions taking place throughout the event. Finally, the Forum provides an exhibition of the latest active and smart ageing technology, with delegates able to test and interact with the most promising inventions designed for the older person. A full programme of events will be available soon.


The AAL Forum programme committee has identified five thematic areas as the pillars of the 2016 edition of the AAL Forum. Each proposal should indicate the related thematic area for which it applies.

The thematic areas are:

Theme 1: Bringing AAL solutions from the idea to the market

Idea generation and design, prototyping, industrialisation, interoperability; living labs, incubators, accelerators, investors, procurers, etc.; planning, commercialisation, markets, going to scale etc.

Theme 2: Marketing AAL solutions

Marketing AAL/silver economy, communication, best practice, success stories; reaching consumers, private and public providers, etc.

Theme 3: Satisfy the expectations of all AAL stakeholders

Added value, acceptance, accessibility, usability, purchasing, who pays for it, ethics, privacy, security; consumers, private and public sector

Theme 4: Formal and informal ways of awareness creation, education, training in AAL for every one

Creating awareness, education and assistance on all levels for decision makers, professionals, informal carers, end-users, technology installation sector, apprenticeships, students, vocational training and university level

Theme 5: AAL and aging society/economy in 2025/2030

Upcoming realities, emerging trends, disruptive approaches, new markets, changing systems, new stakeholders; what do new technologies such as Internet of Things, augmented reality, smart cities and environments, smart devices, robotics etc. mean for AAL in 2025/2030?

Download this template and send it to urs.guggenbuehl@fhsg.ch