This theme aims to understand ways to achieve the adoption of AAL Solutions by focusing on the identification of the gap between user needs and AAL Solutions. It is important that AAL projects follow and understand the processes and activities that add value to the product and services, in order to meet the customers needs and expectations. The proposed workshop are expected to explore every step of this journey, looking for common reasons of rejection and adoption.

- What is holding stakeholders back from adopting technology?
- Biodesign - how to identify user needs (primary, secondary and tertiary end-users)
- Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - what are the needs AAL solutions are addressing
- What is the perceived value and price elasticity of AAL Solutions:
         - Basic requirements of primary, secondary and tertiary end-users
         - Digital literacy (acceptance and understanding of the added value of  
           technology by decision makers, professionals and users e.g. good practice of   how a social care employer moved from traditional to digital training of their employees);
- Impact of ethical aspects
- Interoperability (the ability of different ICT systems to communicate)

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