Programme overview

The AAL Forum is the yearly event of the AAL Programme. Active participation and interaction among the forum attendees is key in the 2018 AAL Forum program. This year the AAL Forum will take place in Bilbao, Spain between the 24th and 26th of September, in concomitance with the Silver Week. The aim in 2018 is to create an interactive and inspiring event, building on the creativity and the commitment of the AAL community.

After 10 years of the AAL programme, the technology environment has matured and stakeholders have evolved. There is more and more interconnection between the different AAL players as well as an increasing interest by so far under-represented players, such as large industry or local authorities/municipalities & regions. Large companies will be important drivers for technological and market scaling-up for SME developed solutions in AAL, while local and regional authorities play an important role as buyers of AAL solutions as well as facilitators within often complex regulated markets.

In this AAL Forum we want to stress the importance of the existing and emerging ecosystems for transforming the regulated health & care markets as well as the growing consumer-driven ‘silver economy’. The Forum will aim to bring to light the crucial roles of each actor and how they are interconnected, in order to identify and work with best models/practices. In this respect, we aim to pay particular attention to the role of large companies and of local authorities as mentioned earlier.

Moreover, after 10 years of the AAL, the Programme has launched more than 200 projects in an attempt to bridge the gap between developing digital technology solutions and their implementation / deployment in practice. Hence, this Forum should capitalize on that experience and learnings to elaborate clear recommendations for policy-makers at national and European level as well as the members of the AAL Programme with regard to future programme strategy and support mechanisms, such as within FP 9 at EU level.

This Forum is entitled AGEING WELL IN THE DIGITAL AGE: A growing community of change makers. It is pursuing the involvement of each attendee as a driver for change within their ecosystems.

This event will also give a special emphasis on showcasing AAL technologies and solutions pre-market and on the market and on the organization of interactive and motivational sessions & workshops with contributions from the AAL community.



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