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Call for posters is OVER

THANKS SO MUCH to all participants for your contributions!

The poster session at the AAL Forum 2018 will provide an opportunity to present your latest results, ongoing research projects and innovative work in progress. Posters give authors and participants the chance to connect with each other and to engage in discussions about their work. They are also a fantastic way to present complex research concepts in a more accessible and easily digestible format.

The poster session will be structured so that contributions are grouped into three main topics. These thematic areas derive from the AAL Forum’s overarching themes, one to three, explained below:


This theme aims to focus on what remains to be done after an AAL project has finished, in order to ensure that the project results are deployed. There is a need to better understand the landscape of the public and private financing opportunities for effective projects.

The Committee aims also at involving actors who already received support to get to the market and others who are looking for that, so as to present their experiences and share practices. Understanding individual paths is one way to understand trends and collect lessons learned that influence future stakeholders in their way to the market.

In this sense, the Committee would also like to listen to the learning from failures – what did you learn from your errors or flops and how sharing them may prevent others from experiencing the same failures. It may also be interesting to share what could be the role of large companies in the scalability of good projects.


This theme aims to better understand the role of market segments in the silver market and how this can bring about the desired social changes.

How to address this growing consumer segment of the ‘NewOld’ from a business and market perspective (in tourism there are good cases for example)?
How are companies working in the Silver Market and positioning themselves? Can we already describe it as a segment or a niche?

And the entrepreneurship of seniors? How is it already applied in practice to cope with Europe’s demographic change challenge? How could this help AAL and how may AAL solutions help to support this development?
What are existing marketing strategies in the ‘ICT for ageing’ domain?


This theme aims to investigate how to enable/strengthen AAL application area-related ecosystems. The Committee would like to bring in examples on integrating AAL solutions into the below AAL application areas as well as potential additional areas:
• Living & Building
• Mobility & Transport
• Education and training
• Financial support schemes (such as social bonuses, social impact-bonds, etc.)

Transversal initiatives, namely undertaken with other networks and areas of knowledge, such as Smart Cities, the EIP-AHA, reference sites, Social Innovation platforms and Innovative Mobility Research, among others should be presented and further explored.

If you are interested in presenting your contributions at the AAL Forum 2018 posters session, you are invited to apply your poster rational until 31st August 2018. The result of your application will be sent afterwards by email. In this reply e-mail, you will also receive the guidelines to submit your final poster.

Also note that the publication of your contribution at the AAL Forum 2018 is conditioned by the actual presentation of your contribution in the poster session during the event.

Please note that for poster presentations you need to register on the AAL Forum 2018 website until 12th of September at:

We really appreciate you can providing us with this information in due time.

By accepting this deadline you will be giving us the opportunity to ensure a complete schedule is ready and settled for the Forum in time.

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