Workshop 29

Ethics: The challenges ahead towards a framework for IT-AHA in Europe 

Theme 3
Wednesday 25 September 16:00-17:30
Room: Suecia

New ICT solutions aim to take care of people who are older, sometimes fragile and most of the time not tech-savvy. However, technology doesn’t police itself. How can we make European policy keep people using non-medical technology solutions ‘safe’ and raise their awareness concerning data and privacy so they can make ‘safe’ decisions themselves? Who will take responsibility for ethics, data and privacy protection? 

The goal of this workshop is to raise discussion on how we can make sure that older – mostly not tech-savvy – people who use non-medical technology solutions are ‘safe’ when it concerns to their data and privacy. Policy making at a European level on the ethical framework is one way to protect them, but it is also essential to raise their awareness, so they are able to make ‘safe’ choices themselves. How to achieve these two sides of the same medallion is our objective.

Carina Dantas (Cáritas Diocesana De Coimbra)
Sonja Hansen (Aarhus Municipality)
Peter Dohmen (Technical University Vienna)
Viviane von Döllen (SHD)
Stephanie Koenderink (De Parabool)