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Session B3
Session title: AAL National Programmes
Session responsible:
Session responsible: Pekka Kahri, Finland
Session chair: Gerda Geyer (AT), Hartmut Strese (GE), Geja Langerveld (NL)
Date and time: 26 September 2012, 9:00 – 10:30 h
Session partners:
  • IBBT (An Jacobs, Karen Willems)
  • IWT (Alain Thielemans)
  • Telecom SudParis (Jerôme Boudy)
  • CGIET / French Industry Office (Robert Picard, Bruno Charrat)
  • UTT-Champagne-Ardennes Living Labs ActivAgeing initiative (Myriam Lewkowicz, Jacqques Duchene, David Hewson)
  • ENoLL (Anna Kivilehto)
  • Institut Catholic de Lille (Cédric Routier)


Session Content

The Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme is a common funding activity of 23 partner countries. The backbone of the programme is formed by national funding activities. In this session we will show some of these funding activities highlighting different national approaches and expertises, including facts and figures.


Preliminary program

United Kingdom: Mike Biddle, Technology Strategy Board

The dallas programme (delivering assisted living lifestyles at scale) in the UK is exploring new ways of using innovative products, systems and services to create more independent lifestyles that will help hundreds of thousands of people by summer 2015.  This presentation will provide an overview of the outcome of the competition and explore how to really deliver at scale.

The Netherlands: Barbara van der Linden, ZonMW
In NL the AAL JP is a counterpart of several national programmes in the long term care sector that make use of ICT aiming at development and implementation of laboursaving innovations and care networks for frail elderly, telecare and domotics in small scale housing for people with dementia.

Spain: Jose Luis Monteguado, Ignacio Baanante Balastegui, ISCIII
AAL activities in Spain have been supported by several National and Regional research funding bodies under the big umbrella of the National Plan of Research, Development and Innovation. AAL has consolidated as one of the most active areas on ICT innovation attracting the interest of technological institutes, academic groups, SMEs, telecomm, health and social researchers as well as public and private organizations. The presentation will describe different instruments that helped to promote AAL activities and the current landscape of the AAL world in Spain.

Germany: VDIVDE-IT: Axel Sigmund
„The New Future of Old Age – an overview of German Activities“
German Federal Government’s Research Agenda for Demographic Change “The New Future of Old Age”: These research efforts are aimed at bringing together the relevant scientific disciplines whilst placing a focus on action areas of special importance to seniors: mobility and communication, longer employability, housing, health and care, as well as social and cultural inclusion. The presentation will include an overview on the topics funded since 2008 and some project examples.

Austria: Gerda Geyer, Austrian Research Promotion Agency.
In 2008, the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology has launched a national AAL programme entitled “programme benefit”. The focus of the calls was on “ICT-based Solutions for Active Aging”.  So far, the programme funded 66 projects. The presentation will include an overview on the topics funded under the programme and some project examples.