• AAL Forum 2017

  • 2-4 October, 2017
  • Coimbra, Portugal

We will accept electronic posters only. The presentations will be taking place on 03 and 04 October 2017 in Coimbra during the Forum. Electronic equipment will be at your disposal for poster presentation (screens/PC/projectors), and these are the guidelines for the sizes and extensions.

For the poster session the contributions will be grouped in 3 main topics and the thematic areas are:


This theme aims to present two complementary perspectives influencing the AAL solutions Roll-Out:  in one hand how Governments perceive value in AAL Solutions and how they are embedding these in the national health and social care systems (macro approach); on the other hand, how the regional authorities, municipalities and service providers (micro approach), perceive the value of AAL Solutions, and how these are incorporated in the daily operation.

Posters in this theme could include topics such as: Good practices of Pre-Commercial Procurements (PCP) and Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI); Shared savings model; PPPs as an innovative financial models; Large companies interested in broadening their scope; Risk investment (nonprofit and for-profit ventures); Time banks; Regulatory aspects and others related with innovative financial models to deploy AAL Solutions.


This theme aims to understand ways to reach the adoption of AAL solutions, focused on the identification of the gap between the user needs and the AAL solutions. There is an added value chain that AAL projects need to follow to meet customers’ needs and expectations. The proposed ideas for workshops are expected to explore every step of this journey, looking for common reasons of rejection and adoption.

Posters in this theme could include topics such as: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – which needs are AAL solutions addressing; Biodesign – How to identify user needs (primary, secondary and tertiary end-users); Basic requirements of primary, secondary and tertiary end-users ( e.g. Digital literacy, ethical aspects or Interoperability); The perceived value and price elasticity of AAL Solutions.


This track aims to learn from previous experience of successful cases, answering the question “If our project started today, what we would do different”. Will also address relevant inherent indicators to increase the impact of AAL Solutions, considering the past experience and AAL projects good practices and methodologies.

Sessions in this theme could include topics such as: Improving technical and exploitation approaches to meet user expectations in AAL (How define better pilots for AAL projects; Evaluation methodologies; Indicators; How to define the number of users to involve in the pilot ; Relevant outputs to prove the value of the new solution comparing with the current approaches); Requirements for data protection in different countries and markets; good practices, experiences and methodologies.

If YOU are interested in publication of your contributions in the AAL Forum 2017 proceedings, you are invited to prepare a detailed version of your contribution until 15th August 2017.

Also note that the publication of your contribution in the AAL Forum 2017 is conditioned by the actual presentation of your contribution in the poster session during the event.

Please note that for poster presentation you have to register in the AAL Forum 2017 until 15th of August at: http://www.aalforum.eu/registration/

We will highly appreciate if you can provide us this information in due time.

Accepting this deadline you will give us the possibility to complete with the schedule and having everything settle for the Forum.