• AAL Forum 2017

  • 2-4 October, 2017
  • Coimbra, Portugal

Local Organisers

Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN)

Created in 1991 through a University of Coimbra initiative, IPN is a private non-profit organisation which promotes innovation and the transfer of technology, establishing the connection between the scientific and technological environment and the production sector. IPN's mission is to leverage a strong university-enterprise relationship for the promotion of innovation, rigour, quality and entrepreneurship in private and public sector organisations. It does this by acting in three complementary areas:

  • Research and technological development
  • Consultancy and specialised services, incubation and acceleration of businesses and ideas
  • Highly specialised training and promotion of science and technology

Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)

FCT supports the scientific community in Portugal through a range of funding schemes, tailored for individual scientists, research teams and R&D centres. Through its funding schemes, FCT supports graduate education, research and development, establishment and access to research infrastructures, networking and international collaborations, conferences and meetings, science communication and interactions with industry.

Câmara Municipal de Coimbra (CMC)

CMC is the municipal council of the municipality of Coimbra. Its mission is to define and implement policies in order to defend the interests and meet the needs of local people. It promotes the development of the municipality in all areas of life, such as health, education, housing and social action, environment and sanitation, land use planning and urban planning, transport and communications, public supply, sport and culture, consumer protection and civil protection.